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A real homemaker in the making! August 5, 2010

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So lately I have been so into making my own foods and other products. For example, I made my own cloth wipes! I want to try and find ways to save money and by making cloth wipes that we can reuse over and over again, we won’t be wasting money on disposable wipes. Not only are they great for your budget but they reduce the amount of chemicals my kiddos are exposed to. I make my own homemade wipe solution that I just dip my cloths into before a diaper change or to clean a dirty face.

I went and picked strawberries at a local farm called Green Bluff. Its in Spokane and they have over 20 different farms around the area. We visited Knapps Farm and picked 5 lbs of strawberries! I froze about half and made freezer jam with the rest. I had never had a jam taste so good before. The flavor of the strawberries is so strong. I will never go back to regular jam! Last week we visited another local farm and picked green beans! Fresh, local vegetables are the best! We only picked  2 and 3/4 lbs so we will be going back for more! I am planning on storing up enough to last through most of the winter.

I have decided as more vegetables become available at the farms that I will can and freeze as much as I can to avoid buying at the store. I want to make homemade spaghetti sauce  and homemade bread, which by the way I made my first wheat loaf today!!! It turned out so good! No more buying bread at the store for us!

Our family is really moving away from buying food at the store that we can either buy locally or make ourselves. It will be healthier for our whole family.

I recently watched a documentary called Food Inc. and I am officially disgusted with meat.  They talked about how all the meat in this country is produced and where it comes from. All of the big companies in control of the meat industry’s know that the way they produce the food is not good but of course they would never tell us that. Why? Because if we all knew what happened to our food before it got to the store NO ONE would eat it! They would no longer make money. Its all business to them. Not what is best for our health.


Accidents happen July 28, 2010

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My second daughter, Talia, is nine months old now. She got her first set of bottom teeth when she was 6 months old.Pretty small still. We were at church Sunday and put the girls in the nursery and went back in to the sanctuary to listen to the sermon. It was probably about twenty minutes later when we heard a baby crying. Shane asked me if that was Talia but I couldn’t really tell so I just waited. Well I heard it again and this time I was almost certain it was her so I went into the nursey to check on her. I walk in to find her crying, blood and drool coming out of her mouth and the care provider  tells me that she fell and her tooth was loose! I looked in her mouth and saw her tooth pretty much hanging by a thread! I took her out and went and got my husband and we left church. We decided to drive to the hospital and make sure she was okay and they told us she looked fine. The tooth might go back in but that there was a chance it could fall out. So we went about our day and late Sunday evening her tooth fell out on its own. We were so upset and just emotionally drained. We had so many thoughts going through our heads. I took Talia to the dentist Monday morning and they said that it will heal up fine over the next week or so. He also told us that she had to have fallen really hard for that tooth to come out like it did. He was in shock that it fell out. She is doing great now. It is healing up very nicely. It was an accident that definitely could have been prevented. We are grateful though that it wasn’t something more serious.


For my girls…… July 21, 2010

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This post is for my girls! I wanted to write an update on  your life now and how you have changed. It is amazing how much you change in so little time.

Dear Allie,

You are now 28 months. Almost two and a half! I still remember giving birth to you. Man how time flies. Right now you make so many sentences compared to the last time I wrote about you. Its like as soon as you hit two, your brain flipped a switch and now you talk so much and you learn new words everyday. You favorite thing to do is go to the park and ride the swing of course. You also love your babies and taking them for walks in the baby stroller. You are very nuturing, always asking “You okay momma?” or “You okay daddy?” Lately you have been asking your babies “What’s wrong?” and then you pick them up, rock the baby, and then shoosh the baby! It’s very adorable. Did I mention yet that you are very strong? Well, you are. Both you and your sister. You must get that brute strength from daddy 🙂 The tantrums seem to be subsiding quite a bit too whiich just makes everyone happier. I look forward to watching you grow and change and finally get potty trained. You are close but we’re still not quite there. I love you honey! You are so beautiful and amazing!



Dear Talia,

You are almost 9 months! I can’t believe your first birthday is approaching so quickly. You change on a monthly basis so there is a lot of things that change with you. You finally got those teeth in! Mommy doesn’t enjoy the ocassional bite when I nurse you but I just give you a good little flick on the cheek to teach you not to bite mommy. Those little teeth are sharp though. You crawl all over the house now! You still scoot, and might I add, its very fast! You get on your hands and knees now too and you can crawl that way to. You also crawl on hands and feet with your bottom in the air. Mommy has to watch you very carefully now because you learned to pull your self up onto everything and grab things. Now I officially have two girls that get into everything! More mess for mommy I guess 🙂 Please, no walking yet! You like to stand up by yourself without holding onto anything so I am pretty sure you will walk before you are one. You are so curious and have to touch everything. Like when we take you girls to the beach. Allie loves the wet sand in her hands and you love the dry sand. Well, you like to eat it! I can’t look away for a minute or else your mouth will be full of sand and pebbles. Lol  You don’t like the lake very much. I think the water is just a tad bit too cold for you. Daddy and I have come to the conclusion that you can say da da and hi! Not sure if you really do but when you babble that is exactly what it sounds like.  You are such a happy and beautiful baby. You look just like daddy! I can’t wait to see how much you change and grow over the next few months. Love you baby girl!




Designer Cloth Wipes! July 12, 2010

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I am going to start making my cloth wipes very soon and I am so excited! They will be made with bamboo velour and designer flannels such as Riley Blake and Mind’s Eye. Here is a page with the samples of fabric I will be using.


Life is busy and unexpected July 3, 2010

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It has definitely been so long since I have written anything. Life has been so busy lately. We found out that my husband has Lyme disease. It is a disease you can get from ticks. My husband has no recollectionof being bit. He has been sick for the past 7 months just feeling extremely tired and just not well and turned out he had Lyme Disease. He had some treatments done with this amazing doctor and so he is in the process of being healed. We know and believe that God has healed him and will continue to heal him till his body is restored to its normal state. I have also been busy with our web business learning to take over the majority of it still my husband is feeling better. I am starting a new craft as well. I have been trying to think about ways to save money and I thought about how much we spend on wipes. We go through a lot of wipes considering we have two kiddos! I would say we go through at least 20+ wipes a day! So I am going to be making homemade baby wipes using bamboo velour and flannel. I am so excited to start making them. I ordered the bamboo velour and got some flannel the other day so I wil be making them soon! I need to learn how to sew first though and use a sewing machine because I don’t know how to sew at all. I will post some pictures soon when I start making my first ones!

A note on Ironman….

I have decided to wait to do Ironman. We can only afford one of us to do it and so my amazing husband is going to do it! I am going to do some small triathalons this year and then wil try to get pregnant again! Go to keep going!


Ironman June 21, 2010

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So I have been contemplating on whether or not to compete in next years Ironman. I think it would be so awesome to finish  one of the hardest sporting events out there. Here are my hangups though. I am concerned about how much time I would be spending away from family. Then what if I get hurt in training and then can’t compete? Or if I get to race day and can’t finish it because my body gave out or something? That would be a huge bummer plus a waste of $575. Yeah, you have to pay that much money to race an Ironman. I think its crazy.  Or what if I got pregnant? That would be a waste of money for sure! So I have some major thinking to do I guess. Its crunch time though because you have to sign up the day after the race or you might not get a spot! So I have a week to make my decision!


Ready, set, go! June 13, 2010

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Had an amazing business conference this past Saturday! Listened to a very inspirational speaker in our business.  Shane and I are so excited to move to the next level in life. We are so tired of living just an okay life. We deserve better and so do our kids.  We are going to be sacrficing a lot to reach our goals but in the end it will have been so worth it! My husband and I have so many dreams and goals for our future and we cannot acheive them by having Shane work at a job (which he actually owns part of it). We have one life to live and we might as well make it a great life. There is so much I want to do for my family and I can’t until we establish financial freedom, which is why we have our online store. Such a great business oportunity! Here is a link to our website if you want to check it out!